OCG doesn’t believe in doing things “just because”. Every line is deliberate, every typeface speaks with purpose. There is indeed a method to our madness. We follow a multi-step process that has proven successful time and time again.


Depending on the project, we begin by analyzing our client's brand and provide a high level overview of what their purpose is, history, and trends from that particular industry. We develop image style sheets and key words. We want to fully understand who are our client is before we can help steer them in the correct direction.


Only after we have received feed back from the client on our initial research, do we start the creative process. We explore new options and provide a variety of directions. We make recommendations accordingly and work with the client to refine the direction that best suits them.


After we have refined our direction, we develop a strategy and attack the problem with full force. We believe a solid strategy, must still allow room for our client to change and grow and it is our job to predict these changes and build contingency's for them.


This is the final step. We see each project through to the very end. Whether this means attending an installation or launching a website, we will be there to insure your happiness with the final outcome.